Project Status: Under construction

Bay Economic zone


Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 35 acre
Use: Production, office, guest house, recreational amenities
Bay economic zone is a privately owned industrial area which is located at a fairly close proximity to the core of Dhaka. The location of the site opens up an array of opportunities for the development of the zone and at the same time makes it rather challenging in terms of accommodating its full capacity of production related facilities.

The site being located in an area which is under transition from a loose residential fabric to an industrial character, demanded the need of creating a production area which addresses not only its productive environment, but at the same time respects its surrounding landscape which is predominantly low lying marsh land. Another challenge for the development of the site was, the geographical positioning of it, which lies in between the water channeling path towards the downstream of its surrounding watershed.

The initial zoning of the plots of light industries, amenities, administrative areas and open green spaces were derived from a layer approach where the landscape layer was first designed in a manner to allow free flow of rain water and surface run-offs of the surrounding areas through it.

The second was the infrastructure layer that structured the orientation and configuration of the plots which accommodated all the programs following Bangladesh economic zone regulations and other relevant regulations respectively.