Project Status: Built

DTX Business Center

Kuril, Dhaka


Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 936.80 sqm​
Total built area: 3404.99 sqm
Building type: Office Building
Details: 3 Basements plus Nine Floors.
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, porcelin tile etc
Pushing the boundaries and testing the limits of structure and design, the DTX Business Center nestled among the urban street of Pragati Sharani, Dhaka is an unusual architectural landmark. Its unique building form and glass façade structures integrate architecture and engineering seamlessly; forming a monumental and inspiring modern business district. With the start of the Kuril-Banani flyover just a few yards away, this site is a prime location and demanded an iconic massing-’Simple yet sculptural’ was the approach. The unusual shape of the site posed a challenge in maximizing the utilization of space. DTX achieves a striking balance between iconic form and successful blending of relationship to the neighborhood and surroundings. Moreover, the priority was to invite daylight from the north and north-east to eliminate the need for shading device.

DTX Business Centre is settled on a 10.71 katha piece of land on the Pragati Sharani with a close proximity to the Dhaka International airport. This is a nine storied building having 3 basements. The ground floor is for entry, lobby and civic space for the building users. The site reference allows to propose a separate entry and exit for the building complex. The core of the building has been placed on the west side to obstruct the heat. Glass has been used on the other sides to ensure maximum visibility and daylight. The primary building facade and entrance is to be oriented to the roadside. DTX Business Center is a building for offices and services comprising a total of nine floors and three basement floors. Inside, on the ground level; is the building’s main entrance leading straight through the heart of the building.

​The ground floor houses lobby and lounges, main event spaces and other cultural activities, where the architecture is designed to act as space for social interaction. A variety of functions occupies the level above and leads to each company’s main workspaces on the upper floors. A range of flexible workstations was designed with a base palette; that was then built upon with colour and materials to reflect the unique identities of each office team.

Daylight, view and thermal comfort can impart immense effect on the end user of the buildings. The geometry of this building has evolved from the site aiming to ensure daylight, view and thermal comfort. DTX Business Center has been designed trying to keep these factors in mind to make it a high performance building in a prime location of the everyday evolving mega city.