Project Status: Under construction

NH Tower

Banani, Dhaka


Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 345.07 sqm​
Total built area: 172.54 sqm
Building type: Commercial
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
NH Boutique tower is a 14 storied commercial building on a very small piece of land in the commercial hub of Banani. The site is magnificently situated having roads on North, West and South side.The skyline of Banani is sculpted with many tall buildings. Though this building is achieving some height the footprint being small has a great challenge to be identified as a new member of the skyline. A very simple and linear rectangular shape has been developed to achieve a monolithic view. S proper glass box having exposure on three sides will allow ample of light into the office spaces. Sun louvers are designed along the west side to provide shading. With a pattern of color glass the building will be modern yet iconic.