Project Status: RAJUK approved, unbuilt

Skill Development Institute


Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 14414.73 sft
Building footprint: 9276 sft
Building type: Institute
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, rcc, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
Skill development Institute (SDI) is a mixed use development which is located in the commercial zone of Uttara 3rd phase development area. The site is very small and compact for the development of a training center and offices. This constrain became the driving force. This is a twelve storied building with two basements. The ground level and above three floors will be used for the training center and upper eight floors will be used for commercial purpose.

The ground floor has been kept wide and open to accommodate green spaces and driveways. Separate entries are there for the training center and the office space. On the south east corner of the roof of the podium a generous garden has been designed for the users of the building. The tower has direct orientation towards this roof garden. A sustainable design approach has been taken for this practice. The core is on the west side and open office spaces are on the north side. Shading devices and overhangs are designed for the sun protection. By placing the functional spaces towards the north the sound pollution from the road side has been reduced. The major construction material is glass and concrete. The facades are a harmonious composition of glass and concrete.