Project Status: Built

Canadian International


Address: DHaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 17000 sft
Building footprint: 8350 sft
Building type: School
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, rcc, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
This school has been designed and constructed on a leased land. There was an existing two storied building on the east side of the land. The program was developed in such a way that this existing building would be merged into the newly constructed school building rather than remaining an annex. The need of a play field for the students demanded that the functions be arranged around a courtyard. ​

Steel has been used as the main structural member to have faster construction. 10” brick wall has been used on the periphery. The west side is almost solid. Glass has been used in the ground floor to allow light in the admin area. ​

We wanted to design the school in such a way so that students can enter through the play field like the school of our village. We think this will broaden the mind of the students.