BWDB Cox's Bazar guest


Address: Coxsbazar, Bangladesh
Client: BWDB
Building type: Hospitality
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, Colour Glass, ALuminium, Concrete, Tile
The land of 1100sqm, where we have to intervene is placed a few meters away from the sea. In spite of it, the land is near some houses of big size which clogs some parts of the views to the sea. The rest of the views, free of near buildings, allows the enjoyment of small vegetation, on one side and the forest insinuates on the other. The plot was designed and developed as a plot having all the amenities required for the stay of BWDB officials.

​ The location demands a facility of “a house for guests to experience the uniqueness of the serene nature” rather than a place that simply provides a temporary accommodation. Level 01, it is placed a small conference hall, a waiting space with its bathroom and the internal entry to the storage and the laundry. Going up the stairs, to Level 02, it has guest rooms with public dining facilities with integrated kitchen. Level 03 has the same guest room facilities as in level 02, with a dining space for the VIP individuals, with expansions to the back of the lot. Level 04 was specially designed for VIP individuals of BWDB.

​​ Facing the sea, the guestrooms were located on the west wing, take advantage of this location so close to the beach to enjoy the sea views cool sea breeze. The room has outstanding views towards the sea and through a generous opening can go out to the main terrace from which one can enjoy views of the whole landscape.