Project Status: Under construction

Eco Fab Dress LTD


Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 11632.86 sqm​
Total built area: 22350.52 sqm
Building type: Factory
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
Eco Fab Dress Ltd, a new venture of Viyellatex Group is located on a 22100 sqm plot in the semi urban area of Gazipur, Bangladesh. Viyellatex Group, a well-reputed business conglomerate, aimed to extend their manufacturing capacity of shirts, by establishing a new production for suits. The plot was designed and developed as a complex having several buildings for a modern automated suit factory. This modern factory of 22100 sqm plot area was designed to establish a sound environment for the workers which will be integrated in a complex accommodating necessary built forms such as production building, utility building, warehouse, gatehouse and substation building.

The volume emphasizes on the beauty of solid and openness used in the exposure, prioritizing the architectural appearance merging with the nature. The fully glazed façade on the south side enables the manufacturing plant to open up to the surrounding through it giving a unique look to the factory for the viewers outside while approaching the building and offers an impressive panorama of the surrounding rural scenery for them.

It was designed as a concrete frame comprising a network of columns and beams with steel frames, together that forms a combined structural skeleton, capable enough for resisting all kinds of load without failure during its intended life. Adding steel frames and creating a unique shape of the roof adds a beauty to the mass.

The building includes strategies creating favorable environment for work and production giving solutions to conserve energy and water creating a great indoor environment. It facilitate maximum savings in energy and water for lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation, maintenance, etc., and strive for maximum exploitation of natural resources (such as sunlight, rainwater, and wind). The use of environmentally friendly and recycled materials; and combining traditional building methods with innovative technologies made the factory building a LEED certified project.