LEED Gold Certified

Project Status: Built

Green Smart Shirt LTD

Maona, Gazipur


Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 26390.91 sqm
Built footprint: 5000 sqm
Building type: Factory
Structure type: Composite
Building Materials: Brick, rcc, glass, steel, paint, aluminium, tile etc
The objective of this project was to provide a comfortable and inviting working atmosphere for the workers as well as the users in a large campus of about 26390.91 sqm. Hence, we tried to distribute the work flow in smaller zones keeping the chain of sequence in mind, which was established by placing separate built forms as the means of organization. The buildings are Factory building, Facility building, Finished goods warehouse, Raw material warehouse, Jhut store, Office building, Utility building, Gate house etc.

The production building works as the focal point in the whole complex. All the other buildings are designed as branches of a tree around the production building. The warehouses has proper spaces for the storage. The utility building acts as the power house for the compound.

All the buildings of the campus are combination of steel structure and brick walls. The liberty of large span could be taken because of steel structure and a large sprawling roof could be designed. The two storied factory building is a huge building having almost 5000 sqm floor area on each floor. The roof was segmented into three parts to achieve a break. Two internal courts are there to provide the source of daylight into the working areas. The whole building is an air conditioned building to provide the most comfortable working environment for the workers. The building is placed into east west direction to get the maximum benefit of north light and reduce the heat from the west.

All the built forms are oriented along the north-south directions to utilize the environment natural forces as positive influences. A straight forward circulation was designed as a proper connection among all the built forms. To diminish the hard surfaces soft pavement blocks as well as green patches were introduced wherever possible. The surroundings of the set backs as well as the helipad in the end of the site which is located above a natural water body adds to the beauty of the site.

Most of the building materials use for the construction area indigenous which helps the built forms to harmonize with the natural surroundings. Sustainability of site, water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality etc, are established and maintained which helped the design to be certified by LEED.