Project Status: Built

Giant Textiles LTD


Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 23231.11 sqm​
Total built area: 51395.25 sqm
Building type: Factory
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
GTL is a factory complex comprised of a Production facility building, Utility building, Bonded warehouse and ETP. The large and simple brick building dominates the whole campus. Pre-engineered building system helped to complete the production building within nine months. The shape of the roof aids air flow over the structure instead of obstructing. Interplay of transparency and solidity has eliminated the monotony of the continuing façade of the factory building. The whole complex is naturally ventilated, thus the height of the building posed a huge advantage in creating a very spacious and comfortable environment for the workers.

A simple 30 feet wide road has travelled through the factory complex. On the eastern side the main factory building and on the western side the utility building, bonded warehouse, water tanks etc. On the northern side the ETP is situated. a connection bridge has been constructed over the road for the transportation of the power, steam air etc. On both sides of the road there is footpath for the use of the workers during their entry and exit.