LEED Gold Certified

Project Status: Built




Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 7630 sqm
Total built-up area: 22,000 sqm
Building type: Factory
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
MNR Design LTD, the newest venture of MNR Group is located on a 7630 sqm plot in the semi-urban area of Sreepur, Gazipur district and was completed in April, 2019. This modern factory of 22000 sqm is the production base for different international clothing brands. Based on production progress and logistics requirements, the design features a distinctive scheme of space, material and color. A modern factory can be more than just a production base but also equipped with architectural thoughts and concepts. MNR Design LTD is an industrial complex where multiple buildings are designed and constructed. The industrial consultant Mr. Duminda who is a senior expert in sweater field, pays a great attention to the technical details of production and planning. With the huge experience in the technological process and production industry, has defined the specific design conditions such as equipment layout. MNR Design LTD will add 500 new jacquard machines in this new facility.

The rapid development of fashion industry may require changes in the space organization. The building is designed in such a way so that the auxiliary circulations like the stairs and corridors will ensure the integrity of the production and will provide flexibility for further requirements. The complex has five numbers of buildings. The production building is the backbone of the complex. The production floor, finishing floor, finished goods ware house and raw material ware house are located in this building. Besides dining area for the workers and main office are also housed here. The facility building provides the basic facilities for the workers such as clinic, day care and training center. The utility building houses all the utility services like substation, pump house, boilers, and compressors to run the complex. The guard house holds the main security control panel room for the whole complex. There is an ETP to purify the waste water from the washing area and this water is reused for flushing of toilets.