Address: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Site area: 2,79,260 sft
Use: Office, residences, convention halls
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, rcc, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
Bangladesh water development board masterplan is a 2,79,260 sft project dedicated for the operation of this entire government organization. The project consists of office blocks, mosque, residential buildings for the employees, rest house facilities, community halls and different typologies of recreational spaces for the residents. ​

The idea of the project initiated from the concept of utilizing the site area in a way to maximize the footprint of green open space to ensure a water sensitive approach for the area. The site being located in Chittagong, having intense rainfall for a long period of time each year, demanded a solution that ensures an effective water management system in order to manage excess runoffs of the site. The approach therefore was to introduce a blue-green infrastructure to manage water during monsoon as well as store as much rain water as possible for day to day usage.