Address: Bandarban, Bangladesh
SClient: BWDB
Building type: Guest house
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, Colour Glass, ALuminium, Concrete, Tile
A 1100 sqm plot , located in the urban area of Bandarban was designed and developed as a plot having the amenities required for the BWDB officials serving the district. ​

The plot comprises of a mass for offices and services comprising a total of 3 floors with approximate of 3500 sft each. Level 01 and Level 02 was designed for the Zonal and General officials of BWDB, to work from, whereas a basic living facility was designed in Level 03 for the officials posted in Bandarban with proper living facilities. ​​

The mass of this building makes it an unique one yet blending successfully with the neighborhood and surroundings. Strongly related to the climatic conditions of the rural area of the hill tract, the roof played a major role in the massing. The pitch roof creates a connection with the neighborhood. Timber cladding materials feature throughout the exterior with detailing recall the character of agricultural buildings found around the property, yet having all the modern facilities inside.