Project Status: Built



Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 334.57 sqm
Total built area: 157.01 sqm
Building type: Residence
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
FORMULA A 21 is a multifamily residential building designed on a small piece of land of 5 katha beside the Gulshan lake in Niketon. The building is a nine storied building making the top two floors into a duplex. Other floors are single unit apartment. The site is basically oriented towards the west having the road on that side. The lake is on the east side of the plot. To obstruct the direct heat from the west was a big challenge. By placing the stairway and the elevator the west side heat gain problem was mitigated. The design aim was to invite the fresh lake breeze from the south east corner. Bed rooms are placed on the south and east side. Most of the spaces are cross ventilated having at least two apertures on two walls. In this way the design solution aimed to manifest natural ventilation. On the north and south side there are buildings keeping very less gap. The plan is evolved in such a way so that the small open spaces gives a sigh of relief and also the neighbors can enjoy these small pockets.