Project Status: Under construction

Momota residence


Address: Ramgati, Noakhali.
Site area: 7200 sft
Building footprint: 2776 sft
Building type: single family residence
A square shaped solid mass of brick stands still and bold on the outskirts of Bangladesh in Noakhali. This residence in Noakhali is a vacation house meant to enjoy some quality time together with family and was designed of Exposed concrete and brick walls with ceramic brick using Flemish bond. The plot was designed prioritizing the trees around.

The ground floor includes all the basic service facilities of a residence, with a double height living room, that opens up to the veranda allowing a seamless view of the lawn. The north south oriented window opens out to a small water body, allowing the outside air to cool and flows inside giving the living space a soothing environment. The first floor is the private zone designed with all the bedrooms, with openings on the void green space and backyard to enjoy the nature. A sun roof above the Living area was designed to create an ever-changing pattern of light throughout the day. A staircase was designed from first floor to the roof with extended steps used as book shelves, also with a room and small library on the roof.