Project Status: Under construction



Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 9 katha
Building footprint: 3460 sft
Building type: Residence
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, rcc, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
“Gulshan avenue is the most prestigious business hub for the local and multinational companies. The headquarters of banks and business conglomerates are moving to Gulshan Avenue. In the last ten years Gulshan Avenue has become a known place for beautiful modern buildings, world class restaurants, five star hotels, luxurious shopping facilities of contemporary lifestyle. ‘SABRA’ is located at plot-3B, road-136, South Gulshan, Dhaka. The area is facilitated with all the modern amenities and features. Constant breeze is ensured from the South and South East side due to the close proximity of Gulshan lake and Hatirjheel lake.

The total land area is 9 Katha (approx) with each apartment size of 3460 sft with common space. There are two basements and 10 floors with one apartment per floor. Each apartment consists of 04 beds, 04 Toilets (3 attached), 04 verandah, Lving, family living, dining, kitchen With Store and Home Staff Bed with Toilet.

In ‘SABRA’ a beautifully crafted water body with the landscape on the ground floor will present a very calm and quiet experience when you drop of from your car at the entry lobby. A water body is one traditional landscape element which can elevate the sense of relaxation in any outdoor spaces, as well as these beautiful elements also deliver many other environmental benefits.

In SABRA an elegant yet simple rooftop garden will enhance the quality of urban living and will offer an experience of green living with nature.Besides the decorative roof, planting will provide temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, recreational opportunities.

All structural materials including 60 grade TMT bar (BSRM/KSRM), cement, 1st class machine made bricks, fm 2.5 and fm 1.5 sands are of highest standard with laboratory tested. Structural design parameters is based on American concrete institute (ACI) & American standard of testing materials (ASTM) codes and Bangladesh national building code (BNBC). All sub-structure & super-structural elements are designed according to BNBC-1993 with sufficient strength in order to withstand both superimposed vertical load (i.e. dead & live) and lateral load (i.e. earthquake & wind pressure).”