Project Status: Under Construction



Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 2.6 hectare
Building footprint: 2400 sqm
Building type: Institute
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Brick, rcc, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) is an association of national level who works for the welfare of the migrant workforce. Manpower is one of the major national resources of Bangladesh. and she is turning her manpower into an asset through training and skill development with a view to meeting the needs of a strong economy. BAIRA has planned to setup a sophisticated and highly technical & vocational training center to import training to the youths of the country and turning them to skilled resources. A 2.6 hectare of land has been allocated in Kodda, Gazipur for setting up the BAIRA training and testing center. The complex will be comprised of training & testing center, dormitory for the men and women trainees, instructor’s accommodation, central ware house, mosque, utility building and others. In the first phase the training center and the utility building are being constructed. The academic building is a five storied building having floor area of 2400 SQM each floor. This is a specialized building where skill development training on various subjects will be offered. To cater the need of training floor height has been increased to seven meter. The floor requires cross ventilation. Large openings are given on one side and exhaust fans on another side to ensure the natural ventilation. Ample daylight is ensured into building for good working environment.