A&S Mother And Child Care Hospital


Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Site area: 669.14 sqm​
Total built area: 5252.77 sqm
Building type: Factory
Structure type: Civil
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium, tile etc
Hospital is a place that creates anxiety or fear in children. They are never happy to visit a doctor chamber or clinic. We were searching for a new design concept that can solve this challenge. Our team redefined the concept of pediatric clinic and create a brand image. A & S Mother and Child Care hospital, a venture of Vorosha Group will be built on a small piece of land of 670 sqm in Uttara of Dhaka City. Uttara is the largest suburban area of Dhaka City beside the international Airport. A huge population live here. These are some big scale general hospital but a specialized hospital for child care and maternity was not there. This hospital will be a 100 bed hospital offering modern facilities for both mother and child. All related contemporary treatment facilities for the newborn to grown up kids will be available here. Besides, treatment facilities for mothers are arranged separately. This will be a 14 storied building with four basements. The heart of the hospital will be the pediatric OPD with lots of playfulness by offering more amenities and entertainment to keep the children in joy during their waiting time for the doctors.