Project Status: Built



Address: Gazipur, Bangladesh
Site area: 11460.13 sqm​
Building footprint: 5605 sqm
Building type: Factory
Structure type: Composite
Building Materials: Rcc, brick, glass, paint, aluminium sheet, tile etc
BAY group and EXPO group together initiated this project. This project will provide support services for import and export cargo by air. The project is being built on a 2.83 acres of land inside the BAY Economic Zone (BEZ) at Konabari, Gazipur. They aim to help importers and exporters of Bangladesh by facilitating them with Container Freight Station (CFS) services. CFS is a facility where freight is consolidated (grouped) or re consolidated (separated) between shipping legs. CFS facilities are typically based in close proximity to a port. A bonded warehouse is a secured facility supervised by customs authorities where dutiable landed imports are stored pending their re- export or released on assessment and payment of import duties, taxes and other charges. The BCCL complex consists of a ware house, two guard rooms and an office building. In a CFS the loading and unloading system is very important. Proper docking system with the dock levelers are designed here. Racking is an integral part of the whole system. Heavy vehicles will moving inside the campus. The specialty of the BCCL masterplan is the very efficient circulation design for the vehicular and pedestrian movement.

The warehouse is a restricted zone. But there will access for the C & F agents, workers, equipment operators and customs people.To maintain the regulations of accessibility zones are designed and marked and some areas are barred by fencing. The structural system of BCCL is mainly steel structure. To get maximum storage capacity the building height is moderately high. The office building is RCC structure and is facilitated with all necessary amenities for the administration, management persons and C& F agents. Bank, cafeteria, prayer hall are located into this building. The complex is inside an economic zone. All building regulations and codes of BEZA are followed in the design process to get the building approval from the authority.